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Since the first class was taught in 1997, the focus of our program has remained the same: to provide students with the highest quality martial arts instruction available today, in a safe and positive learning environment that people of all ages can enjoy. 

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For 25 years, the Taekwondo Academy has been producing the likes of LUTALO MUHAMMAD 

(above), Great Britain's most successful Olympic Taekwondo male athlete who regularly teaches our classes.

Where else can you get that?

Lutalo Muhammad(left): BBC, Sky and ITV Sports pundit, Olympic Silver and Bronze Medallist, Two Times World Grand Prix Champion, European Champion, Commonwealth Champion, British Champion and Student of the Taekwondo Academy. With his father, teacher and Taekwondo Academy founder,Master Wayne Muhammad.

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What Some Parents Are Saying About Us:

"My daughter has attended the academy for over 3 years. In this time she has gone from being a withdrawn and nervous child, and blossomed into an assertive and confident teenager.
Great care and attention is given to each pupil if needed and this ensures that a high standard of teaching filters through to all.
I would highly recommend this academy if you have kids. Its a great way to keep healthy, build their confidence and install disciplines, which they can use in their day to day lives."


"I have had two children attend the academy. One child in the 2000's and one child now in the 2020's. The academy is fantastic for the art form taught, the discipline that the children grow to learn and for the overall fitness.
Master WM is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend if you have children or even if you're an adult that this academy is your only option!"


What Some Students Are Saying About Us:

"The Taekwondo Academy is a great club for learning the Martial arts skills of Taekwondo. Not only can you learn defensive techniques in case you find yourself in dangerous situations,
but also learn valuable social and life skills, whilst building strong relationships with other students who have the same ambition, drive and desire to become Black Belts.
And whilst being a positive learning environment where students can feel safe and secure, the club also provides the benefits of discipline and concentration for both physical and non-physical skills."


"I have trained here for a long time and feel at home here, everyone is friendly and encouraging. I am always learning and there is a good grading system to be able to see your own progress. I have seen improvements to my fitness and martial arts techniques. Thursday nights are great to practice sparring in a safe way. The added bonus is making friends too!"