Dear Prospective Student: 
If you are looking for a great way to stay in shape without getting bored we have the answer! For over 2,000 years the people of the East have looked towards martial arts as the perfect way to increase fitness, flexibility and stamina. In fact martial arts is the world's best all round workout because not only does it give your body an awesome work out but it sharpens your mind as well!That's right martial arts improve your focus and concentration while it reduces your stress for a longer healthier life!

​At the Tae Kwon Do Academy we believe that developing and maintaining a sound body and mind are critical to getting the most out of life. In our adult programs you will experience a unique approach to self-defence and exercise that benefit the body and the mind. To strengthen your body, you will begin with isometric and dynamic tension exercises. Flexibility will be enhanced through a gradual building process of safe and easy stretching techniques. You will find that the breathing and concentration exercises sharpen your senses and reflexes while allowing you to relax from the stress of daily life. This unique combination of using the power of the body and of the mind is the key to increased energy, selfdiscipline, and fitness for a longer happier life.

​A Modern Approach to Self Defence
Although our techniques are based on centuries old knowledge, our application of that knowledge sets the Tae Kwon Do Academy apart from the other schools. We realise that each student possesses different physical abilities. Size and strength varies with each individual, so once you have acquired a strong foundation in the basics, our program will enhance your personal physical capabilities and maximise your self-defence skills. You will understand exactly what it takes, mentally and physically, to defend yourself or your loved ones should the need ever arise! Best of all you will have lots of fun, meet new friends and increase your knowledge of the body while you learn!

We have developed proven teaching methods that will not only help you learn the art of self defence quickly and easily, but also provides a wide range of other exciting benefits for students of all ages and abilities.

The benefits of our programs include:

Physical Benefits
Improved Reflexes and Co-ordination which increases your performance in all physical activities.Increased Strength and Stamina boosts energy so you feel great all day.Increased Flexibility & Weight Control for better overall fitness.Great Cardiovascular Work Out keeps you in good shape physically.

​Mental Benefits
Improved Concentration for better work and study habits.Stress Reduction & Increased Levels of Relaxation for a longer, healthier life.The Peace of Mind that comes from knowing that you are able to Protect Yourself & Your Family.Increased Self Confidence & Self-Discipline to develop a positive attitude toward life





Adult Beginners/Intermediates

6:45 PM - 7:30 PM

Adult Advanced

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM


 £79 a month for 2 Classes a Week

• Free Uniform Worth £45.00​

Watch Your Confidence Soar

• See New Strength in Your Body

You Will Learn to Defend Yourself

• Meet New Friends​​​​


Why Taekwondo For Children?



Get into awesome shape
Reduce your level of stress
Develop your body and your mind

Taekwondo academy,

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Tel: 020 7241 3377


TExt: 07788 878195


 £79 a month for 2 lessons a week

• Free Uniform Worth £45.00​ 

Watch Your Child's Confidence Soar

• See Them Get Stronger By The Day

Witness Your Child Learning How to Defend Themselves in Most Situations 

Dear Fellow Parent,
​It is a scary world out there for children. Unhealthy peer pressure, conflict, violence and a level of hopelessness that can discourage even the brightest and most optimistic child.We have a solution and it is easier than you think!

When your child enrols on a Black Belt programme at the Tae Kwon Do Academy, they are not just taught to kick and punch. They will be placed on a personal development programme for character education.

Over one thousand parents have made our academy the No. I Martial arts school in Stoke Newington because we teach a philosophy of positive reinforcement to build confidence and self-esteem. Parents also worry about values. Good values are taught and constantly reinforced, those being courtesy, respect and confidence.

​COURTESY is a value that is almost lost in British society. At our facility it is required. All members learn to say "Please", "Thank You", "No Sir/Ma'am" and "Yes Sir/Ma'am". The oriental custom of bowing to show respect is part of the Tae Kwon Do tradition.

RESPECT, students learn that if you treat others with respect and dignity, they in turn will do the same for them. Learning the value of respect eliminates personal conflict and potential fights.

RESPONSIBILITY, every child is required to fulfil certain obligations both. If they are to progress in rank towards the ultimate destiny of Black Belt, they must memorise and be able to perform prearranged fighting sequences called forms and self defence moves. At home they are encouraged to do at least one good deed a week for their parents, who have made sacrifices for them.

SELF CONTROL in one's actions is stressed over and over. As a matter of fact, the children must repeat this phrase as part of the oath they say before leaving the class. If we teach a child to perform techniques that are potentially dangerous, we must also teach them when it is appropriate to use them. We stress that our techniques are to be used in Street Defence only to the extent that we stop aggressive behaviour and not become the aggressor ourselves.

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We have a minimum of 2 Black Belt Instructors per children's class to ensure your child receives the highest quality tuition!




Minimum Age 5 Years Old